What is BEM methodology?

What is BEM methodology? BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) is a CSS methodology developed in 2009 by Yandex (think of them as Russia’s Google).CSS is one of the easiest programming language but very hard to maintain. Using IDs and !important in your CSS will lead to chaos in the future, especially when your project gets bigger and starts having more people in your development team.BEM CSS methodology simply fixes this problem and provides a better structure for your CSS code and scalable CSS!Let’s build a card component;[i...

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CSS selector and performance

CSS selector and performance Poor selector intent can affect your website's rendering time, this will result in slow load times for your website.This is critical to keep in mind as page load time is one of Google's highest ranking factors.However, this is a common error as very few of programmers fully understand how browsers read CSS codes.What do you think when you look at [inner]header ul li a { ... }[/inner]?Consider, the browser has to examine 4 elements:Find the header elementthen the ul elementthen the li elementthen...

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Which one is harder: resigning or keeping your job?

Which one is harder: resigning or keeping your job? Resigning might be the right choice for your career, if it was executed on right conditions and planned in advance. At this point, it is crucial for the individual to acknowledge their career path, how to achieve career goals, and create solutions for possible problems. It is always hard to resign. Prior to resign, employees concern about specific situations, such as; frequently complaining about the company and employer, no improvement on prior complaints, repetitive work, losing excitement tow...

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4 easy ways to optimize and improve jquery performance

4 easy ways to optimize and improve jquery performance In this article, I'll explain how to improve and optimize your script's performance. jQuery is still very popular JavaScript library, however, many of developers do not optimize their codes. Let's get started! 1) Use the Latest Version jQuery keeps improving its performance and security. It is very important to keep your script up to date. 2) Use for instead of Each Make sure you use native functions because they are faster than [code]var array = new Array (); for (var x = 0; x &lt...

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Keeping visitors longer on the website

Keeping visitors longer on the website One of the golden rules of success in SEO is making visitors happy and thus securing longer visits. We have dealt with this topic before. This time, I want to deal with how to keep your visitors at your website for longer periods of time.The subject that you want to tell at your website should be unique; this way the visitor can only find it here. So, emphasize the importance of original content in every subject.Exemplification of the stuff you post on your website can help your visitors so...

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The road to success in e-commerce websites

The road to success in e-commerce websites E-Commerce is the fastest growing platform of the last five years. People who do not have enough time and who are competing over time and work do most of their shopping needs by ordering online. This rapidly growing trend led to opening of thousands of e-commerce websites on the internet. So, how can you achieve high quality and success when there are so many alternatives?Features Appealing to the UserDeliver simple and clear menus and categories.Add product images and features.Frequently arrang...

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Relationship between seo and advertising

Relationship between seo and advertising Evenly advance of both the links given to your website and hits on your website is a great consistency in terms of SEO. This criterion has gained great importance. While commenting on blogs and links increase your backlink, it does not increase your hits at the same rate. Therefore, SEO work loses its authenticity as it gets manipulated. Google can measure it with analytics and alexa data. So, you need to work on increasing hits while doing backlinking. The best way to do this is advertising.Adv...

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Common seo mistakes (part 1)

Common seo mistakes (part 1) In today’s lesson (part 1), we will describe some of the SEO errors that [inner]qwerqer[/inner] are done by webmasters by thinking that they were correct.Wrong Site Title SelectionOne of the most common mistakes is the wrong keyword selection. When selecting a keyword, you should ensure that it is relevant to the website and the website should centre upon that word. Once the correct keyword is found, it must be backlinked. By this way, higher ranks can be achieved. Choosing Wrong Site TitleAnoth...

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Does seo have a single formula?

Does seo have a single formula? SEO has changed continuously since its beginning. The main reason for this is the constant change of search engines' algorithms. Search engines are constantly updating themselves for the benefit of the users.To date, there are more than 200 SEO criteria. But of course, a website cannot improve itself by applying these criteria from a checklist. Each criterion can have different variations and processes within itself.These different variations and processes also lead to completely different SEO p...

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Which factors determine seo prices?

Which factors determine seo prices? Recent increase in the need for SEO makes the sector more competitive and challenging. Due to this situation, SEO prices are constantly increasing in line with the increase in competition. Many experts and firms mention different figures about SEO prices. Therefore, the customer becomes more hesitant and uncertain.Today, we will deal about the topics to consider for right pricing of SEO and what kind of factors play a role for variability of SEO prices.Factors Affecting SEO PriceGoogle results i...

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