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I am a solutions-focused programmer offering over 15 years of programming and project management experience, comprehensive expertise in web and software development (full-stack), deployment lifecycles, database design, SEO, UX, CRO in addition to software changes documentation and testing.

I am equipped with broad-based project management skills, in conjunction with technical knowledge and expertise, facilitating my ability to catalyse unique and innovative web solutions for various digital campaigns.

I developed an interest in computers and data technology early on, leading me to pursue several IT-related courses and felt that this is where my passion lies. Additionally, I am very astute in troubleshooting and formulating agile and innovative approaches to resolve tech-based issues. I envision myself as a successful CTO or Project Director in the future and am eager to explore and develop all I can in the achievement of that goal.

Emre Rothzerg
Emre Rothzerg


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